Improper Sharing of OOXmonitor Data


It has come to our attention on several occasions and most recently today that a few Media Agencies non-OOXmonitor Subscribers are requesting Publishers for Competitive data through bulk email requests.

While OOX has no issue with that approach, we would like however to remind our Subscribers that it is improper to extract any data, partial or in-full, from OOXmonitor and share it with any third party for the purpose of helping a non-subscriber save money on a service subscription at the expense of our work and effort.

Why is it improper to share OOXmonitor data?

  1. It constitutes a breach of our mutual contract.
  2. It is ethically wrong.
  3. It undermines the development of the online advertising industry in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. (We’re investing, you’re investing, small and large agencies are investing while some are enjoying the spoils for free!).
  4. It constitutes lost revenue for OOX which could affect growth and development. 

We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

The OOXmonitor Team

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