Wego established a dedicated full-service operation in Dubai

30.Jan.14. Wego, Press Release

Wego, the leading travel search and comparison website the Asia Pacific and Middle East, established a dedicated, full-service operation in Dubai in February 2013, as part of its global expansion strategy following a year of record growth in the region. With 15 localised websites operating in the three most popular MENA languages, Wego took the lead as the first Arabic flights and hotels metasearch site in the world.

During December 2013, the site received more than 600,000 unique visitors from the MENA region who use the site to research and compare rates and airfares from their large inventory of global travel partners.

With average monthly page views in MENA of around 2.5 million, Wego taps into advanced advertising technology with significant targeting capabilities providing advertisers more targeted buys with better ROIs and less waste. In June 2013 the company introduced a unique Audience Engagement Platform in an industry first, extending its programmatic advertising technology stack to deliver more targeted inventory online.

Connecting with the real-time bidding ecosystem, Wego enables advertisers to select users shopping for travel by country of origin and destination, following their content journeys on-site and re-targeting them off-site.

Mamoun Hmedan was appointed Wego’s Digital Advertising Sales Manager at the Middle East headquarters in Dubai in November last year. We discussed Wego’s advertising visions with him.

Q1. Can you introduce Wego in a short paragraph?

Wego is a travel metasearch site, which helps users to search flights and hotel rates, displaying results from over 600 full service and low cost airlines, along with over 350,000 hotels globally.

Wego compares over 700 travel sites to present its comprehensive results and operates more than 50 websites in 30 languages (15 in the MENA region), managing millions of flight and hotel searches each month. Once a user makes a choice they are directed to our partner airline, hotel or OTA site to make the booking directly. 

Q2. From your perspective what makes Wego unique versus similar competing websites?

As the only travel metasearch site in Arabic that brings a global selection of both full service and low cost carrier airfares, along with international and local accommodation options, Wego makes travel planning simple. We recognized the evolution of the Middle Eastern traveller early which is why we opened a dedicated office in Dubai.

Q3. Can you share with us your latest traffic numbers by market (MENA markets only)?

As of December 2013, Wego Middle East sites received more than 600,000 unique users and almost 2.5 million page views.  The GCC is the key market with KSA bringing in the largest source of traffic (around 50 per cent), followed by UAE, Egypt and Turkey. Traffic to the site is growing on average of five to six per cent monthly, which saw our traffic double from June 2013 to last December.  With new site designs and improved technology we expect this number to continue to grow.

Q4.  Which advertisers you believe could benefit the most from advertising on Wego?

Our business partners in the travel and hospitality markets are our key advertisers, also activities hops, tourism boards, banks and telecommunication companies can benefit from Wego’s advanced Audience Engagement Platform.

Q5. What are the advertising opportunities available on Wego?

Wego offers advertisers several options for catfish and display banners (728x90, 300x250, 160x600). We’re very proud of our retargeting capabilities in the region where we can follow and target users according to their behaviour on the website, providing ads that are relevant to them right across the internet.

Q6. Can you share your rate card?

Our rate card is transparent. Our CPM in the MENA region is $20 for all ad units and all retargeting activities, and we can perform even more targeted activities for a 50 per cent premium.

Q7. What is the best way to book a campaign on Wego?

Advertisers can reach us by email on mamoun@wego.com or adsales@wego.com, or call us on 009714 4219936.

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